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Home of the Tastiest Burgers and Sandwiches in the Area

Try some of the best-tasting burgers, seafood dishes, and specialty sandwiches in Northern Nevada at CodFather Burgers & Sandwiches. You will surely be craving more after just one bite.

Mission Statement

CodFather Burgers & Sandwiches’ mission is to satisfy your taste buds.

About the Owner

Early Life

Carlo Schmitt was born into a Swiss family and is a first-generation American. He was raised in his father’s bakery business and at an early age learned everything about the industry. As a young adult, he went to work in a fish and chips restaurant where he mastered the skills he now shares through CodFather Burgers & Sandwiches.

Starting a Family

It was while he managed the fish and chips restaurant that he met and married his coworker, Kerri, in 1983. They loved working together and say it was the most fun job they ever had. As time went on, they navigated the twists and turns of life, he working as a bread man and she as a bookkeeper. They raised one daughter, Chelsea, who graduated from the University of Nevada in Reno and became an economist with the State of Nevada.

Lights of Tanea

In 2001, the Schmitt family settled in Reno and soon created the Lights of Tanea, decorating their house with Christmas lights synchronized to music. It became an annual tradition for families near and far to visit the Lights of Tanea for some Christmas spirit. They give food, clothing, and monetary donations to charity. It was during these years the Schmitts learned how to entertain and please a crowd.

How CodFather Burgers & Sandwiches Started

Fast forward to 2014. Carlo and Kerri were on a long car ride in April when he realized that he wanted to share his famous clam chowder with their community. But just the clam chowder was not enough. He wanted to share everything he knew—the fish and chips, corn fritters, coleslaw—all of it!

The Concept of Our Restaurant

It was on that ride that the concept of CodFather Burgers & Sandwiches was born. The name, menu, truck, and everything was their “Aha!” moment. They would once again get to work together selling fish and chips because the thought of that thrilled them.

So for the next year, they plotted and planned, and even got help from their nephew, Jeremy Dyer, who is a creative genius. They came up with the design and wrap of the truck, as well as the promotional materials.

Dedicated to Serving Food Bursting With Flavor

In 2015, CodFather Burgers & Sandwiches was introduced to the streets of Reno. It is Carlo and Kerri’s baby, and they look forward to the next chapter of their lives, bringing the recipes Carlo has held all these years to the streets of Reno and its surrounding areas.


2023 Christmas show airs nightly through Christmas. Sit in your car and enjoy, tune to 106.1 F.M. Check starting dates and hours by following us on Facebook/lightsoftanea

From the Owner

Carlo hopes you find as much pleasure in visiting their food truck and tasting his recipes as he finds pleasure in preparing them for you. He and Kerri love Reno and want to do their part to make their little corner of the world extra special and fun. Come, share the joy, and reel yourself in some delicious street food!

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